Minty watches trash tv again

One of Sparkly’s “when there’s nothing better to watch” shows is called Marriage Boot Camp.

Today ey watched an episode in which one of the participants tearfully explained to his wife that he had been sexually assaulted and then blackmailed about it, and that’s why there were rumors that he’d cheated on her. For a long time, he understandably denied that anything had happened, because (a) traditional masculinity (b) fear of publicity and gossip (c) trauma.
She had been very stressed out by the rumors, and for whatever reason the facilitators decided to make the discussion mainly about her jealousy and fear and Can She Trust Him Again After He Lied? and not about his trauma.
And some of it was legitimately really gross. They told him, in so many words, that he should have “manned up” and handled being sexually assaulted better so his wife wouldn’t have been upset.

But also… I may be kind of biased re: the reasonableness of jealousy, I guess? This is not the first time I’ve thought “That is a seriously messed up, unreasonable, dangerous level of jealousy, WTF” about things that other people seem to see as normal, both about real people and in fiction. I don’t know.


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