Today in stuff that doesn’t interest me

in erotica. Prompted by a fic that contains all of these things:

  • shame and humiliation and the particular kind of witty dialogue that goes with it– constant reminders of how dirty and transgressive you’re being, and how embarrassed you should feel.
  • goading/teasing people into doing things they feel conflicted about, yes even if they really do want to do them, this dynamic just doesn’t interest me.
  • lots of formality and rules, e.g. kneel in exactly the right position, always answer questions immediately, make or don’t make eye contact, etc.
  • the above rules as a way of creating tension about whether someone will break the rules and get punished. I can see how this sort of acts as a safety valve, so that you can disobey orders without bringing everything to a sudden stop. Wondering whether I should actually do what I’m told or not is just the opposite of what I’m looking for.
  • the entire “I know he likes this and wants to keep going, because of his cock” concept.
  • also I’m kind of touchy about the line between “kind and protective” and “condescending”.

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