Small things

  • I should probably take a second try at making a recipe that went badly the first time. *cringing face*
  • Someone said something nice about one of my posts on Tumblr! On the one hand I’m really happy. On the other hand, it would be even nicer if they’d actually talk to me about the topic of the post.

Short story:

I was captioning a video in which the speaker said something about “transgendered” teenagers. In the captions I changed it to “transgender”. It’s not really a big deal, but the best way for people to learn the most accepted language for these sorts of things is to see it more often, right?

In the hopes that the QA person wouldn’t just change it back, I added a note explaining that I intended it as a grammar correction and what the correct usage is– we’re allowed to make minor changes to correct grammar. Much to my surprise and relief, the QA person commented to agree, and support my changing it! Phew.


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