Sparkly is going to be away for the weekend again– ey’s taking Numbers Guy to visit eir mother.

Ey also got a big disappointment today, because eir bosses for eir internship don’t want em to come back for the fall semester– essentially, ey was fired, even though ey wasn’t being paid. It seems like, rather than eir immediate coworkers having anything against em, or there being any significant issues with the quality of eir work, it was mainly just a conflict of personality or expectations with eir supervisors (one of them more than the other.)

None of the reasons they gave really amount to a suddenly-firing-someone reason, and some of them are downright petty and passive-aggressive– e.g. apparently it’s okay for the real attorneys to wear jeans in the office when they’re not going to be in court, but interns should be too conscious of their precarious not-real-attorney status to ever wear anything less than a suit, and Sparkly should have somehow intuited this without being told, rather than following the norms set by eir coworkers, like anyone would normally expect to do. This was never important enough for eir supervisors to actually tell em this, yet it was important enough to bring up while firing em. Grr. As far as I’m concerned, “Here’s the main reason I’m firing you; also, here’s every little thing about you that ever annoyed me” is an extremely unprofessional way to handle that conversation.


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