Rambling about language

 I don’t actually think this is a general principle, or a perspective everyone should have, (I’ve edited this to be less “Why doesn’t everyone see it this way?” than it was initially) but it says something about why I write the way I do.


Language is SO PRECIOUS. Communicating and having people understand you is a MIRACLE.
It’s difficult and precious and that’s why everything you say should be carefully crafted with the pure intent of communicating an idea as clearly as possible to the person you are talking to.
(Leaving aside situations in which it helps you to think out loud or talk to yourself. That’s also an important thing.)
People spend so much time saying stuff as if they’re moving a piece on a chessboard. They say things because of how they will affect other people, not because of what the things themselves actually mean. Or they say things because they want to believe them, because saying them makes them feel more confident in what they believe, and, again, not because they actually want other people to hear the meaning of what they’re saying.
I don’t like it.
Or I’m not up to that level of complexity.


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