The UCC Shooting

I have a lot of sadness, and anger, and frustration about this.

I don’t WANT to make mass shootings all about disability. I don’t like having to trot out this speech every time something like this happens. I’d like to have time to grieve, to be sad and scared, because things like this scare me too!

I’d like to talk about gun control in a constructive way instead of a defensive way.

But I can’t, because other people insist on making things like this all about how the shooter is troubled, is the nicest word I’ve seen this time around, but what they mean is mentally ill. Or they bring mental illness into the discussion about gun control, regardless of what they think about a specific shooter. Like the President did.

Often they implicate Asperger’s specifically. Because empathy. Because being socially isolated apparently makes people morally suspect.

I could go over the whole argument again. I could easily rewrite that post and make it twice as long, without fully covering all the ways in which this line of thinking is wrong. But I am SO TIRED of having to do that. I’m tired of having all these names hung like millstones around the necks of mentally ill/neurodivergent people. This time around, all I’m going to say is this:

It’s not us!

The thing you’re thinking of when you talk about horrifying crimes, when you say, “No sane person could do that,” and all the other things people say– it’s not us!

We people with mental illnesses, with cognitive disabilities, we neurodivergent people, are not the embodiment of all society’s demons. We are not your fears.


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