Re: parties. Drugs and alcohol are mentioned.

As a teen I spent SO MUCH TIME being lectured about making responsible choices and peer pressure and drugs and alcohol that– even though I don’t exactly disapprove– it’s really fucking weird when acquaintances who are ~10 years older than me get drunk at a party and then smoke pot.

I say I don’t really disapprove because, well, nobody was harmed. It was a small group in a private place and everyone there knew each other well, so there was no danger of anyone getting into trouble. My emotional reaction is not so much “that was dangerous” as “that’s so gauche and embarrassing!” I’m not against it in theory but I do have an “ew” kind of reaction to it, and the only reason I can think of is how I was taught, in school, to think about drugs and alcohol. The dissonance between this– smart, responsible adults think it’s ok to get drunk and let their friends talk them into smoking pot– and the dominant narrative about young people and drugs, is just so huge.

Although there’s also something to be said about the thing people do where they consciously and explicitly use “well, I’m drunk” as an excuse to do reckless things. That’s not a great thing, in my opinion.


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  1. I use “well, I’m drunk” as an excuse to do reckless things because I find it enjoyable to take risks and have a story, and stuff. It relaxes my inhibitions, but not beyond the point of danger – I’m not going to get myself hurt more than an amount I’m okay with, on some level. Of course, I’m also not going to do things that are dangerous to other people! But basically, I enjoy doing these things because it feels viscerally good to be in a weird headspace, you know?

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