I am not cool enough to write this fic but I wish it existed

I recently came across an Honorverse meta post talking about Grayson’s attitude towards women. But this post isn’t about its main point. It included this quote from The Honor of the Queen which I had forgotten about:

[Admiral Yanakov] shook his head sadly, staring down into his brandy.

“Our first generation averaged one live birth in three. Of the babies born living, half were too badly damaged to survive infancy, and our survival was so precarious there was no possible way to divert resources to keep them alive. So we practiced euthanasia, instead, and ‘sent them home to God.’ “

He looked up, his face wrung with pain.

“That haunts us still, and it hasn’t been that many generations since the custom of euthanizing defectives, even those with minor, correctable flaws, stopped.”

Now I really want to read about the Grayson disability rights organizations. How did they start? Was it people who acquired disabilities later in life who first started protesting euthanasia? Was there a small minority of people with congenital disabilities whose parents chose to keep them? What kind of religious and philosophical arguments did the Grayson anti-euthanasia activists use? Where are the present-day Graysons with disabilities who know they’re only alive because of this movement, and how do they feel about that?


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