Short nice things

Sparkly got onto the mock trial team ey auditioned for! At first ey thought ey didn’t, but I guess someone else backed out and ey was the alternate? I don’t actually know.

I had a nice dinner with my parents, and also had some medical checkups, which weren’t exactly nice but nothing is wrong, so that’s good. I also got a flu shot, and my arm and sholuder were impressively sore for a while, but they’ve gotten a bit better.

I found the books I promised to lend someone. It’s kind of embarrassing and kind of really nice to know people who are now interested in the things I was interested in at about age 15.

Sparkly visited a synagogue tonight. Ey was raised Catholic and is thinking about converting. Apparently the people ey met were very friendly and ey got to talk to some other people who converted as adults.


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