Apparently I have now been blogging for long enough

that someone who decides to read my whole archive will now take several days to do it. Hello, whoever you are. Please feel free to comment, or to remain an anonymous series of notifications if you’d prefer.

2 thoughts on “Apparently I have now been blogging for long enough

  1. It’s taken me four days to read through your archives. Thank you for sharing your life on the Internet.

    My blog is still sparse due to a combination of (1) the (seemingly) impossibility of translating my inner dialog into coherent words, (2) doubts that I can share anything of use to someone else, and (3) I’m barely coping as it is and don’t want to add stress. Bloggers like you are role models and I’m hoping to reach the point of being able to share myself more openly.

    On 2014/01/01 ( you mentioned your “main blog”. Would you be willing to share with me where that blog is? (My email address is on my blog,

    Thanks again for sharing your life so freely.

    Judy (An Autism Observer)

    1. Thank you for introducing yourself. I’m always glad to find other autistic bloggers. I still feel relatively new to this, and I’m definitely learning as I go. I’ve gotten a huge amount of encouragement, both writing-related and just life-related, from the blogs I read, and if I can pass on even a little of that, I’m very happy.

      What I was referring to there was my main blog on Tumblr. I don’t write very much original stuff there (as opposed to reblogging other people’s posts), so I don’t know how much it will interest you, but I’ll send you a link anyway.

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