I was in Barnes and Noble today

and I saw this anthology and thought it would be something I was interested in, and the first story was really short, so I read it right then annnd it was about rape.

Short non-detailed discussion below.

It makes me mad because, 1, at first it seemed like it would be a lesbian romance so that’s very disappointing, and 2, it doesn’t even relate to the theme of the anthology, unless you think “abusers have motivations for what they do” is a new and interesting concept.

For some people it is a new concept, and maybe this might be a good story for them, but the best thing I have to say about “she was lonely and jealous and desperate and she had nothing left to lose, and so she raped someone,” is that it’s boring.

(And ok tbh what I mean by “the best thing I have to say” is “a thing that understates how much it bothers me.”)

Usually I am the first to say that this kind of thing is useful to think about. If everybody thinks of rapists/abusers as inhumanly evil, then they’re not very well-prepared to deal with actual abusers who often seem like perfectly nice, normal people, or at least not inhuman monsters.

But when people act like this is fascinating new knowledge, or like the takeaway should be sympathy and positive feelings towards abusers instead of, like, an improved plan of action, I get irritable.


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