A thing about language

In my internal monologue, unless I have a reason to think carefully about them, I don’t really use names. There’s just sort of a [insert name here] in my mind, with an idea of the person I’m thinking about. The next thing to come, as I try to call to mind the actual name, is a vague sense of what it sounds like– what letter it starts with, how many syllables.

This means that if I’m put on the spot, I’m likely to say a vaguely similar name, instead of the one I actually mean. Or not just say out loud, but type, or think I’ve heard before, or see and think I recognize it. And I usually don’t realize until a few seconds afterward.

For Sparkly, I have to sort through two different online nicknames and eir real name when I refer to em. I’ve never actually called em by one of eir screen names out loud, which is good.


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