I’ve been thinking about cartoons I watched when I was younger

(this could have been longer but I’m tired.)

You know the style of comedy where the characters are sort of aggressively stupid? The punchlines, the parts where you laugh, may be slapstick-like, but instead of the characters being well-meaning people who may just be unlucky, they’re deliberately doing things that are harmful or make no sense.

I went to TVTropes looking for a word for this, and there are a bunch of sorta-duplicates: “the ditz,” “lethally stupid,” and others, but none of them exactly describe what I’m thinking about.

I really hated most of the shows that had this. The only one I ever willingly watched was The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, and now I’m asking myself why I liked it. Billy is pretty much everything I dislike in an obnoxious cartoon character. Was I just that excited about Mandy? Did it have more plot than other shows? I don’t know.



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