I spent the evening finding a new to-do list application. I’m trying out Todoist, because it

  • has reasonably functional repeating tasks
  • has a nice simple interface
  • has a desktop app so I can put it somewhere prominent on my computer

My actual resolutions are to get back on a regular schedule with various self-care things. When Sparkly’s work/school schedule stopped being regular, I really fell off the wagon with things like eating lunch at a regular time. I may not be able to really pull things together until eir spring semester starts, and I may have to adjust some things to fit eir schedule, but I’m going to start trying now anyway.

More nebulous things I should do more of:

Talk to Sparkly about food, try new recipes, etc.

Plan things so that Sparkly can bring lunch/coffee/etc. from home

Play with the cats


Email my parents


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