Kudos to me

Another resolution-y/ADL thing that I’ve actually been doing really well with since this summer: not letting expired food sit in the refrigerator and get gross.

I made a decision sometime in (I think) June that even if I couldn’t clear out the whole fridge right then, I would at least not let any more expired things collect in it. The rule was, every time I took out the trash, I’d check the refrigerator and throw out anything that had expired since the last trash day.

And I’ve kept to that rule every time! Since June! I’ve managed to chip away at the previous gross stuff, too, an item or two each trash-day. I must have taken out a dozen old jars of pasta sauce since then– that’s the thing I usually forget about. By spring it should be pretty much empty, and I’ll be able to scrub everything down and have a really clean refrigerator.

Which is good since we’ll be moving at the end of May. I almost forgot about that.


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