(Or: this post again, prompted this time by me reading an informational thing about “avoidant personality disorder” which is sort of a subset or a different way of conceiving of social anxiety.)

Is there any social-anxiety-adjacent condition that isn’t defined by fears (of rejection, of criticism, of embarrassment) and/or negative self-perception (believing you are unlikable, incurably awkward, etc.)?

Because I have neither of those things, but I also can’t express an opinion in public without vibrating, so.


Maybe I’m interpreting these things overly literally.

But in my head, there’s a difference between having a fear of a thing, and having a physical anxiety/stress reaction to it?

And the descriptions I read of social anxiety etc really do seem to put a focus on worrying thoughts– things like “[a person who has this condition] is preoccupied with being criticized or rejected in social situations.” And some suggest that one aspect of social anxiety is being afraid that you will seem embarrassed— like, worrying that people will notice you are blushing, or worrying that you’ll have a panic attack.

And I don’t really have any of those things.



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