I’m having feelings about fanfic

I have some kind of feelings, apparently, about kids innocently agreeing to things that (unknown to them) are dangerous. Especially if the kid in question is honestly convinced that what they’re agreeing to is actually something they want, something good. Double especially if adults who should be trying to protect kids in their care, instead plausible-deniability themselves out of actually trying to prevent this dangerous thing from happening.

I guess it’s related to both this and this.

Bonus rambly version:


and that’s how they get you  [which is an echo btw]

if you think it’s ok

you Don’t Know Any Better and you really think it’s ok!

you think it’s an ok thing and then the waveform collapses or some shit and it’s not

but by then it’s also

a thing You Did.

you did it and you acted like it was ok and therefore

(step 2: ???)

it doesn’t get to be not ok.


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