Why I don’t wear makeup

even though I’m aware that it may put me at a disadvantage in e.g. job interviews.

  1. Practical reasons
    • Money- whether I go to a high-end place and get advice, or buy cheaper stuff by trial and error, it’s still a lot of money.
    • It’s hard to apply makeup when you’re as nearsighted as I am. Either my glasses are in the way, or the mirror is in the way, because without my glasses, my reflection isn’t in focus unless I’m about two inches away from the mirror.
  2. Priorities reasons
    • There are lots of reasons I don’t do well in job interviews and lots of things I would struggle with if I got an office job (e.g. phone anxiety). I’d rather spend my time and effort on improving things that actually affect my ability to do my job.
  3. Emotional reasons
    • I deal with all the insecurity I might have about my appearance and my ability to look fashionable by not playing the game on those terms.

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