Something that happened in my high school history class

(Brought to you by my internal debate about how long is safe to leave my stuff unattended in public places.)

The girl sitting in front of me stole my mechanical pencil while I wasn’t looking.

I was (comically, I assume) confused at first, because I assumed it had rolled off the desk and looked all over for it. But class was starting, so after a bit I just got out another pencil.

I didn’t realize what had happened until later, when the girl in front of me started complaining aloud about her pencil not working. It had actually broken weeks before, and I had jury-rigged it to work somehow– I don’t remember the details, but part of it was wrapped in blue painter’s tape– and she couldn’t figure out how to advance the lead.

I didn’t confront her about it, but that made me feel like I’d won something back anyway.

She was actually pretty approachable and nice to me most of the time, and I don’t know whether that makes this better or worse.

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