General life stuff, also food stuff

Sparkly’s current book thing is epidemics and contagious diseases. Ey is working eir way through a stack of books about things like swine flu and ebola. I’m glad I’m not reading these ones with em because that stuff freaks me out more than eir true crime or military history stuff generally does,* but ey seems very happy with it. The first book got finished in less than a day.

We also had a short conversation about food today. It’s good to know that I’m not completely off-base in what I was thinking about eir eating habits, and to be able to talk about them as Things that are happening.

It seems like it’s a thing about consistency? Like, if a recipe is good the first time, it’s Suspicious if I change anything about it, or just accidentally make it slightly different. The problem is there’s still a strike of Suspiciousness against it if it’s an improvement.

And if a recipe isn’t very good the first time, ey never wants to have it again, even if I’m completely sure I can fix what was wrong with it. And ey really wants variety in some ways (which is sometimes in conflict with planning meals in advance) but ey doesn’t always want to try completely new things, so it’s difficult.


* There certainly isn’t a logical reason for it, but viruses are way more anxiety-inducing than serial killers for me.


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