Point and Stare, aka here’s a link to a thing

My brain is tired and I just saw this, so here’s a “point and stare” post. Brad Torgerson said a thing about disability. I’m not really surprised, but damn. Where do you have to be in your mind to be so 100% comfortable with defining– absolutely and aggressively– the entire meaning and spectrum of experience of something you haven’t even personally experienced?

Like, yes, obviously the people he describes exist, and their opinions are important, but many other people with different experiences of disability and different opinions about it also exist and are equally important. Even if you picked one single diagnosis, there would still be a variety of experiences and opinions among people who have it. There’s no one definitive experience of disability.

But he thinks it’s his prerogative to put certain experiences above everyone else’s, and to define what disability is. Damn.


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