A few days ago it was amazingly unseasonally warm, and apparently my reaction to nice weather is now “Yay, I can wear a skirt!”

I didn’t get to do that during the one day of unseasonal warmness, so tonight I dressed up fancy and went out to dinner by myself even though it was only around freezing. Sparkly and Numbers Guy went out to a fancier dinner together tonight– it was their belated Valentines dinner that got postponed because Numbers Guy was sick.

I’m really enjoying this whole skirt + thigh high socks thing. (These are the socks I have btw.)

  • I don’t have to shave my legs
  • they’re warm
  • they fit snugly and don’t shift around, i.e. they are sensory friendly for me
  • they don’t dig into my stomach, ditto
  • they go up high enough on my legs that the skirt completely covers the ribbed cuff part, so it’s not obvious that they are in fact socks and not thick tights

Mid-February to the end of March is historically a kind of sucky time for me, and I have been feeling a bit more anxiety than usual, but I still love spring weather and I’m doing ok.



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