These setup days aren’t supposed to be fun

because when they’re fun it means something didn’t go according to plan.

Highlights from today:

  • Computer musical chairs (replacing two computers with spares, then using the replaced computers somewhere else…) ending in removing individual parts from different computers to get a combination that would work.
    • Connecting the projector required two cables, one adapter, and a different computer than originally planned.
  • Way more floor tiles than necessary for what we planned to do, yet still not enough to cover the whole floor.
  • One of the power outlets didn’t work, for no obvious reason.
  • Last-minute mprovised soldering of damaged wires (a butane lighter gets hot enough to melt solder, fyi)
  • A person who will hereafter be known as Goatee Guy, because he doesn’t deserve a less ridiculous nickname, fucking parkoured over the backdrop.
    • It’s made of 2x4s and is pretty strong for its purpose (but still not as strong as an actual house wall, and it’s definitely not as tightly attached to the other two backdrop-walls as a permanent wall would be)
    • It IS a reasonable house wall height of about eight feet, though.
    • First he jumped up and got his feet on the middle board, with his elbows over the top of the wall. Then when someone told him to get down, he went OVER the wall instead of back the way he came.
    • Dude has too many hobbies.
  • Somehow we had one too many posts for the backdrop? Evidently he made a spare but ??? why?
    • We did not however have as many ceiling tiles as we were supposed to have. Or enough bolts. Or any keyboards or mice.

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