Makeup again

Looking back on it a while (like a month) later, I actually feel pretty good about this one comment I made on Tumblr. Nobody responded and I’m kind of disappointed, because I honestly think it’s a valid point?

If you’re going to talk about sexism and beauty standards and societal pressure to wear makeup and certain styles of clothes… there should be an opening in the conversation for women who DON’T wear makeup, who DON’T dress in respectable feminine ways (for whatever reason) and who are therefore probably experiencing firsthand exactly how much pressure there is to do those things.

The experience of being in the safe(ish) societally approved box and feeling trapped there, and the experience of failing to fit in that box and being punished for it, are both of them important to describing that societal pressure.

If the way you talk about that pressure is “women have No Choice Whatsoever about wearing makeup, it is Completely Impossible to have a genuine opinion about whether you want to wear makeup or not because sexism is Totally Irresistible”… what are women who don’t wear makeup supposed to think about that? Is it really not possible for you to describe your feelings of fear and trappedness without claiming that other people don’t exist?


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