Brain + ears = ?

You’re probably familiar with the thing where you hear/see a word while speaking/writing/typing and accidentally say/write/type what you heard/saw instead of what you meant to say. (Like this.)

I hadn’t noticed it before but apparently I can do this without noticing the out-of-place word?


Today I was captioning something while Sparkly was watching TV. Somehow my brain transposed the word “duckies” (there were rubber ducks on the TV show) into the video-to-be-captioned that I was trying to pay attention to, and I typed it in the middle of my transcript, and for a good thirty seconds, I really thought that it had been part of the video. I didn’t realize what had happened until I noticed that the people on Sparkly’s TV show were still talking about ducks.

A while ago I was, again, half-listening to a TV show, and apparently I heard Sparkly say something about the TV show and thought someone in the show had said it.


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