Why someone should hire me

IDK why I’m thinking about this right now but I am. I’m thinking about how it takes experience and self-awareness to make a good case for yourself, bc you have to be aware of the skills and priorities that seem obviously necessary to you, but which actually make you stand out from other people.

  • attentive to small details, focused, systematic, thorough.
    • ask me about captioning and lots of things about chemistry.
  • believes in the importance of planning and record-keeping— the work of organizing your work is just as important as the work itself. thorough planning and record-keeping = helping your colleagues and your future self.
    • ask me about lab notebooks and my recordkeeping for myself as a captioner.
  •  safety-aware— addressing potential safety issues is an important part of planning. multiple lines of defense against loss/accident/injury.
    • ask me about lab safety precautions because they are wonderful. I am actually honestly grateful for that 100-question safety exam I had to take every year. ask me why.
  • self-motivated: loves learning new skills, takes great satisfaction in finding solutions and improvements
  • self-taught in many skills & comfortable with self-teaching:
    • faced with an unfamiliar problem or the need for a new skill, can independently research & learn how to solve it.
    • willing to experiment and try new things without total certainty of their effectiveness, within safe limits.
      • ask me about cooking, knitting, making plushies, writing fiction, writing prose, hand lettering, digital art and GIMP, computer games and winebottler, the SubtitleEdit app and Mono, captioning itself, tumblr themes and CSS and HTML.
      • short version: if there’s an application you need to use but you wish you knew more about how it works, throw me at it and I will find out.
  • comfortable with collaboration and group work, delegation and division of labor.
    • ask me about my randomly assigned lab partners. ask me about the things I learned NOT to do from the [redacted] project.

if not for [redacted], I wouldn’t know that I actually have ~good team player~ type skills, because I hadn’t realized that it was possible to be that immediately, visibly bad at delegation/division of labor. but it is! chemists are all just very good at it apparently. it’s not about giving orders, just about being aware of who is best at what, and what order things need to be done in.


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