Post called on account of movie

I saw SWTFA tonight! Some very quick thoughts.

I really really understand why people ship Poe and Finn.

I sorta understand why people ship Rey and Finn, he definitely has the shinies for her but she didn’t seem to me to have the same kind of feelings about him.

Just on a “chemistry” level I really just don’t see why people ship Rey and Kylo Ren. Like, people told me that the scene where he interrogates her was either sexy or creepy, and to me it was neither? Like, the “I can take whatever I want” line, or whatever it was, taken by itself does sound creepy and sexual, I was totally on board with that until I actually heard Adam Driver say it. He really convinced me that Kylo Ren has zero thoughts in his head besides Darth Vader’s legacy and zero interest in Rey besides the information she knows.

A note to me, to write more later about Rey and independence and defining your own right way of doing things.


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