Small life update 5/4

Sparkly’s gymnastics classes are going really well. Ey has been practicing a floor routine the past few weeks and ey’s making a lot of progress.

I’m in the process of setting up a relatively professional-looking page to direct people to re: captioning instead of just being like “I can caption your things”.

It kind of sucks but the truth is, some speech recognition software is REALLY BAD, and trying to correct it honestly takes longer than just transcribing the video manually. I can sort of feel the impendingness of having to explain this to someone– that they spent time and possibly money on something that is worse than nothing– and it sucks but it’s true.

It’s because of two things. 1. Unlike correcting typos which can be done by reading the transcript, the errors speech recognition software makes will all be real words, and if the transcript is sufficiently bad, it’s not at all obvious which words are the incorrect ones or what they should be replaced with. So you have to listen to the audio. And then 2, it just plain takes more time to hear-highlight-delete-pause-type-resume than it does to just hear-type.

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