Likable (there are two ways to spell it and I pick this one)

The whole thing about Hillary’s likability grinds my gears so much.

Because: yes. Yes, the reason why many people Just Don’t Find Her Likable is because of sexism.

But people seem to be trying to fight this by arguing that she is actually very likable and people should like her?


Why would you let likability become the goal like that?

When likability is the ultimate standard by which people vote, what happens is the problem we are having now: people vote their biases. The most ineffably likable person, to most people, is the one who’s most like them.

Likability is the problem here.

“She is likable, you should vote for her because you like her,” is just pushing the problem one step away. (And how many people do you think are going to be successfully argued into liking her?)

Stop telling me that Hillary is a good person. Stop telling me that she deserves success. Stop telling me how much you like her. I don’t care.

(And like. No politician can be really genuinely likable, because they can’t be genuine. They have to plan and calculate everything they do, even the things they genuinely support and want to do, because they have to be prepared for how their words/actions could be misconstrued. Unless you actually know them personally, no politician is your friend who you know and like. It’s incompatible with being a politician. And it doesn’t matter, because if you think the policies they support are good policies, you vote for them and then hopefully policies you support become law! That’s how it works! You don’t have to like them!)

It’s really disconcerting to have worked to absorb these ideas of, like, “Everything you see/hear about politicians is carefully crafted for public consumption,” and “sometimes in politics you have to work with people you don’t like in order to get things done,” and then have people I learned these ideas from, people who know more about politics than me, be all “I just like her so much, I really want her to win because I like her.”

I’m going to vote for her but stop telling me how nice she is.

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