List of posts about my sexuality

[Edited 12/10/2016]

In yesterday’s post I said something about there being a lot of different factors that go into what I’m calling “being gray-ace”, and I said I hadn’t explored some of them very much. For my future reference, here’s some kind of list of these factors and what I have written about them. To be added to later.

  • Sensory stuff
  • Social stuff
  • Attraction/ my brain and the idea of sex
    • The time-delay thing
    • Something about “sex is sexy, people aren’t”
      • To write: so what is actually sexy then?
    • To write: what kinds of things stand out to me as attractive in that debatably-sexual way?
    • To write: something about visual stuff
      • And something about visual imagination in particular
    • To write: something about voices
    • To write: something like a compare/contrast of things that roughly fit under “sexual attraction” versus nice things that have nothing to do with sex or other people
  • There should be a section about sex in fiction/fantasies I guess, I don’t want to write it but it should be here
    • To write: something about porn
    • To write: probably like three separate things about fantasies
  • Physical stuff
    • This
    • To write: something about stuff that might be physical or “sensory”

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