I sinultaneously care more and less about logic than you average… nerd who care about logic, IDK, I feel like there’s a recognizable set of traits there but I have no idea how to really delineate it. “Skeptic” might cover most of this group?

I don’t really care that much about logic in that:

  • I don’t subscribe to the logic/emotions opposed-binary thing
  • I don’t do the thing where you extend a radical amount of open-mindedness, in carefully netural language, to every possible argument, to show how logical you’re being
  • I don’t spend much time thinking about the idea of logic or consciously trying to be logical

I do care about logic in that I have a very methodical way of thinking through arguments, and I tend to feel like, if I’m going to bother thinking through something in that way, I should do it right and go down every single damn pathway. So when someone else sets out to be all logical and consider all the possibilities, I get kind of disappointed if they gloss over stuff. If you aren’t going to be really thorough, then say you’re limiting yourself to one aspect of the topic. Don’t try to cover everything and half-ass it.

Not that I expect anyone to change how they write because of me. I just get tired of thinking “but what about…?”


I have this opinion because I have this “fault” too. I have a tendency to turn what could have been a focused essay about one aspect of a thing into a half-assed survey of the whole thing with one super-detailed section. It’s something I struggled with when I was younger & writing essays for school.


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