Things about my typing style

which I’m thinking about because I think a lot of people have very distinct “voices” even in writing.

I’ve been thinking a lot about trolling and anonymous messages lately, so this post is sort of groundwork for my theory that you can’t actually send an anonymous message to someone who already knows you, even if it’s technically anonymous in the sense of not being attributed to your username.

  • Uses lots of dashes and makes them by using two “minus sign”/”n dash” characters instead of one (–)
  • Sometimes uses ampersand in place of “and” but mostly doesn’t use text-speak/chat-speak abbreviations:
    • Puts the apostrophes in “can’t” “won’t” etc.
    • Doesn’t use “u”/”ur” for “you”/”your”
    • Sometimes uses “ppl” for “people”, “bc” for “because”
    • Doesn’t use emojis in the sense of single-character icon things like 😎 (because you have to go way out of your way to use those on a computer)
    • Uses a limited set of things like “:)” and “:D”
  • Uses “w/” for “with” which is an oooold abbreviation and not internet-speak
  • Uses “etc.” a lot
  • Starts a lot of sentences with conjunctions (but, and, so) and other fillers like “tbh”
  • Sometimes writes in all lowercase
  • Sometimes uses line breaks in place of/in addition to punctuation to break up sentences

On Tumblr I also have a habit of starting messages with “About (topic of post you reblogged recently)…” to make it clear what I’m referring to.

And I’m sure there are a million less concrete things, that I don’t even notice myself.

Grammar and sentence structure things that I’m not really sure how to describe.

Regional/dialect things that aren’t distinctive to you specifically, but still distinguish you from other people who aren’t from your area.

Distinctive spellings, distinctive word choices. The only one I can think of for myself is the word “judgement”, which is a valid alternative spelling, I’ve looked it up, but the standard spelling doesn’t have the first E.

If you can think of others, please comment!


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