More clearing out old posts.

So, I wasn’t that kid– I wasn’t exactly like the kid in That One Fic That Bothered Me which I’m not going to link to– but I was a kid who wanted things, I was a kid who had that complete desperate shiny optimism about things that didn’t actually exist for me.

The problem is, that shininess doesn’t guarantee that the other person actually is what they seem like from where you are.

And it doesn’t guarantee that they’ll feel the same way about you.

Or give you anything back for what you’d give them (everything).


You don’t get it back. Nobody ever returns to you the same shininess that you have for them.


That mutuality, THAT’S what’s precious. And the only way you can find it is with actual communication not just shiny attachment. It grows up in tiny sprouts from actual contact, actual communication, actually knowing who the other person is, bit by bit.


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