Imperial Radch stuff again

re: “Breq et al are positive female representation in the sense that women can relate to them and they don’t have to deal with sexism, even though they’re not actually women.”

I mean, theoretically, sure? I don’t want to devalue what other people get from these books. People can relate to & interpret & enjoy different things in the same media and that doesn’t make any one interpretation more correct than others.

And men-as-the-default is such a pervasive thing, so yeah, great, let’s undermine that by using feminine pronouns & words as the default instead.

That’s just not a thing that I have emotions about, personally? I don’t have any feelings about these books as female representation etc. I don’t think I’d feel any differently about the books if they just used gender-neutral language instead.

The thing that’s most meaningful for me about Breq is the alienation/”secretly a fake human” thing, like I said before.


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