A quick thing about fashion and femininity

because I’m too tired to add more to it tonight.


I only switched from wearing loose-fitting jeans with cargo pockets to tight-fitting low-rise flare jeans because I couldn’t fit into girls’ sizes anymore and the “juniors” (teen girls) department didn’t have straight-leg jeans. It was partly about discomfort with the idea of looking sexy (or calling attention to myself in general), but also partly about trouble adjusting to new things & not enjoying having the fit of my jeans suddenly radically change. When I finally found a store that had juniors’ jeans options beyond “low” and “super low”, I tried the least-low option by reflex but I’d gotten used to the whole low-rise thing by then and the higher-waisted jeans felt wrong.

I couldn’t/didn’t wear the main style of top that was in style while I was a teenager, because it required a bunch of layers and I didn’t like the feeling of having lots of layers of clothing shifting over each other.


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