Some reasons why I didn’t wear skirts

(another quick thing about femininity and fashion)

  • Maxi skirts weren’t really a thing when I was younger? from what I remember? So to wear a skirt either it had to be a Fancy Dress or you had to show your legs.
  • I did not want to show my legs.
    • I have bumpy keratosis pilaris-ish skin with lots of ingrown hairs.
    • Shaving takes time, especially when you have neither the eyesight nor the coordination to do it in the shower, and I was struggling to find the time to shower in the first place.
    • I get the impression that this is less of a Thing now, but when I was a teenager, tanning was a big thing. Girls were embarrassed to show their legs if they were “too pale”. And I was not tan, but I was also not about to go to a tanning salon, buy tanning lotion, or go outside wearing shorts, so there was kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy thing.
    • I have very dark body hair to go with my pale skin, so you can basically see every hair follicle even when I’ve just shaved.
  • I didn’t like the feeling of nylons either, not they really covered anything up anyway.
  • The stylish skirts at that time weren’t just not-maxi-skirts, they were really short and tight.
    • Do you have any idea how hard it is to shave the back of your thighs without missing a spot?
    • Constantly adjusting your skirt to make sure you aren’t showing your underwear is really uncomfortable and distracting.
    • Even apart from physical discomfort, I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of dressing to be Sexy or to get any kind of attention, really, and that’s what I associated that style with.

Some reasons why I do wear skirts now:

  • I give less of a fuck about how my skin looks
  • I have more free time in which to shave my legs
  • loose-fitting swooshy comfortable skirts are a thing
  • maxi skirts that completely cover my legs are a thing
  • basically now I have skirts taht are sensory heaven instead of sensory hell and are also adult-looking and not Sexy™

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