Lately I’ve been thinking about beautiful sparkly shiny things aka visual stims, and how much more I used to be interested in them. TBH this was partly prompted by going to museum gift shops and seeing the big tubs of tumbled stones that I loved so much when I was younger.

I used to love shiny rocks and marbles and glass beads So Much, both for their colors and for their heavy, smooth feel. I also feel like I used to spend a lot more time just looking around at the outdoors, the sky, trees, etc. It seems strange to say that I don’t look at those things now or that I used to look at them more, but I think it does have a real basis, namely the difference between riding in a car and driving. Now that I’m walking some places and riding the bus to most others, I’ve been making a point of looking at the scenery more.

Also, I never thought of my parents’ house as having a particularly nice view, but it really did, at least in that it was up high on a hill facing west, so you could see a lot of sunset without trees or other buildings being in the way. Sparkly’s and my previous apartment had no views of anything in particular, really– even from the porch, most of what you could see was tree branches. The new place has huge windows and a lot of nice light, but the “view” is still of nearby treetops and buildings, although they’re a bit further away.


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