When I was younger I always got glasses with really big, round lenses (to be clear, this was all long befor ethis was a cool, ironic-stylish thing to do) because I hated being unable to use my peripheral vision because my glasses didn’t cover it. But I also thought they looked bad, and they certainly didn’t look stylish according to the whatever of the time.

So in high school I gradually moved towards smaller, more rectangular lenses, and the ones I have now (and have had for like eight years or something, wow) are very cute on my face and all but the lenses are tiny. And I’ve 99% gotten used to them, but every so often I think about how much of my field of vision isn’t actually field of vision right now, and feel like I made a bad choice and I’m missing out.

Like. e.g. While my eyes are focused on these words I’m typing at about the midpoint of my laptop screen, in my peripheral vision my hands on the keyboard are outside my glasses. My hands can’t be in focus unless I turn my head.

If I have a book in my lap, I have to look down at it by moving my whole head to be able to read it. How much of my neck problems are because of my glasses? How much of my thing of always actually-turning-my-head instead of moving my eyes is … well, any other kind of habit,* and how much is because of my glasses?



* When I’m driving, or crossing the street, I feel like the reason I do it is to make sure I’m Really looking left and right for oncoming cars.


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