I just finished reading

The Governess Affair by Courtney Milan.

(which is free to download at that link!)

Like her other books that I’ve read, it feels a little too short and rushed to me, but it’s SO SWEET OMG. My exact favorite thing is sex scenes that are simultaneously appealing on a sexiness-level, and also make me squee and feel so happy for the characters. On both those levels, this is my favorite of her books so far.

Some spoilery content notes if you don’t want to be surprised:

The main character is a rape survivor. The rape happened before the start of the book, but her flashbacks/intrusive thoughts are discussed in some detail, as are her feelings of complicity/self-blame.

The love interest’s father was physically and emotionally abusive and this is discussed in some detail too.

The main character’s sister is agoraphobic.When faced with the prospect of being evicted from her apartment, she says some cruel things to the main character and throws things at her. Overall, the sister is written as being frail and helpless and ineffectual, and I don’t think this scene is intened to be scary, but idk it might be.

Brief mentions of pregnancy.

One explicit sex scene as previously mentioned.


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