The two worst things in politics right now


1. People saying Hillary Clinton “defended a rapist” as if that makes her a bad person, when what happened was she served as the defense attorney for a rapist. Because she was literally ordered to by a judge.

2. Republicans calling Hillary Clinton a “victim blamer” because she initially didn’t believe Monica Lewinski. And apparently there are other people who accused Bill Clinton of sexual assault? And suddenly Republicans just care So Much about sexual assault that Hillary not believing her husband is a rapist makes her a terrible person.

I don’t know enough details to really have an opinion, but like. I can understand why someone whose husband is a very high-profile politician– unlike a random average person– might actually have reason to think people would make false accusations against him.

And I can understand why someone who is in the often very sexist view of the public eye, would be reluctant to publicly condemn her husband.

It may not be Great Feminist Solidarity but it sounds more like regular old human error than depraved rape apologism to me.

Why why why am I stuck in front of a TV for this. Why couldn’t we be talking about Trump sniffling?


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