Oh my god I need to take a break from existence

Remember this book series?

So like. The person I saw talking about this was very aware that ths is a gut reaction and not a serious claim, so don’t be mad at them, but I still need to sit down and reconsider my whole existence anyway, because there’s an emotionally abusive character in one of the Imperial Radch books and, get this,

 apparently she comes off as masculine, to people other than me, because she’s abusive.

people think she comes off as masculine but her mother (in fact, only biological parent. she’s a clone. her mother didn’t think anyone but a clone of herself would be good enough as a successor.) comes off as feminine though.

and I just. well. my gut-reaction gendering of (a) that parent-child dynamic (b) the particular ways in which this character treats people badly, is definitely not masculine/mother-to-son.

there are people whose image of abuse is so consistently male that they don’t…

can u believe.


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