Going to Yom Kippur service with Sparkly, part 3

So, prior to this, my main exposure to Jewish ideas was through Christians or formerly-Christian converts talking about how Judaism differs from Christianity, what things about Judaism they find exciting and different. And tbh I’ve gotten a little tired of that?

Every instance of “Christians do/believe A, but we don’t. Instead, we do/believe B” tempts me to go “Well, some Christians do A, but some also do B or C, because of blah blah blah…” (because I actually have some background knowledge about different varieties of Christian theology, unlike Judaism).

And I don’t want to argue about that, it detracts from both what other people are trying to say with “Christians do A, but…” and from what I really want, which is to learn more about Judaism. But it’s distracting to have to repeatedly set that line of thought aside when it keeps coming up. So I was hoping that there would be less of that in a setting that (mostly, or theoretically) consists of Jewish people talking among themselves, not to Christians. Like the study session things that Sparkly and I went to during the afternoon on Yom Kippur.

Turns out I was mistaken, Jewish people talking to other Jewish people still do a fair amount of “Unlike other religions, who do A, we do B.” I’m not sure what I think about that yet.

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