Brain come on

I swear I didn’t used to have this reason-less aversion to New Things. I really didn’t. I used to pick up random books at the library based solely on the cover art. Hell, I once spent an amazon gift certificate exclusively on books I knew nothing about except the blurb, and read them all and enjoyed them all. How the fuck did that happen?*

But now here I am like “I was expecting a blog post, where it’s all written by One Person and the tone is consistent and  you can guess what the conclusion is going to be, but here I am at a forum thread– on a forum I’m not part of, where I don’t know anyone– with Lots Of People typing in wildly different styles and derailing the discussion in various ways and I Don’t Want To Read This.”

Sorry brain, unless or until you come up with a better search term there is literally nothing else about this topic for you to read!


* I guess this is a good example of what I mean when I say I used to be really un-critical of what I read and suspension of disbelief was really easy for me.


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