Here’s a weird brain thing

I very, very minorly hurt my back today? I guess? I think it was while I was scooping the litterbox and sweeping up the litter on the floor. Anyway, my back doesn’t really hurt, as such. It just feels mildly uncomfortable and weird if I stretch a certain way.

But this particular kind of discomfort totally short-circuits my brain for some reason. It’s all right when I’m sitting down (with my nice pillow that supports my lower back) but making dinner was very “why are so many things happening, this is too many things” even though literally nothing was happening and I actually had a very non-strenuous day.

This has happened to me before re: back pain– when [person] was visiting and we went to the zoo, I spent a while walking around with a heavy backpack on just one shoulder, and I eventually realized that my back didn’t like that. It didn’t actually hurt, again, it just felt uncomfortable somehow, and it really reduced my ability to focus on anything else. Properly using both the backpack’s straps fixed the problem.

I am capable of having actual back pain that feels painful, though, that’s happened before.

I’d like to be able to say coherent things about pain perception, but like:

it’s hard to describe in detail

it’s hard to know what’s “normal” because other people have trouble describing it in detail too

so I sort of don’t have anything to say about it, except for a few things that are obviously odd, like this.


One thought on “Here’s a weird brain thing

  1. I know what you mean – in general. :) there aren’t words for a lot of those things. I end up stretching the definitions of existing words (“that tickles” isn’t accurate, but gets most people to stop arguing with my feelings) or using vivid language like “it makes me want to tear my skin off”.

    even things that are supposedly common are hard to describe… when doctors ask about my migraines, they often ask where I feel them, but there isn’t a location attached to that pain most of the time. :/ nor does it make sense to ask me how often I get them, because at this point I’m pretty good at stopping before I get them, but there’s a big difference between “I’m not in that kind of pain so long as I carefully ration my thinking, activity, and sensory input” and, like, actually coming anywhere near being able to work or other basic things we all take for granted until they’re gone…

    k, I’m rambling, I should wander off somewhere else… :)

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