Another political post

I just heard on the news that Melania Trump, Donald Trump’s wife, broke immigration law.

So, Melania Trump was born in Slovenia, and she used to work as a model. In 1996, before she married Donald and before she became a US citizen, she came to the US as a visitor– she had permission to be here, but not a work visa.

She promised that she was only going to meet with people who might want to employ her as a model on that visit, not actually start working… yeah, no, she worked. And got paid about $20,000, in total.

Later, she did get a work visa– about two months later– and continued working legally, but that first $20,000? Still breaking the law.


It’d be nice to see Trump look at all embarrassed about this, but that’s probably not going to happen. But it’ll be interesting if he tries to defend it too.

What I think he’ll say, and what I’d like to see him say, is that working when you don’t have a work visa is the “smart” thing to do. Like exploiting tax loopholes is, according to him. He believes that if you can get away with breaking the law, you should do it and feel no shame. If you have the chance, and it’s going to earn you thousands of dollars, why not? Who cares? If you can get away with it, it proves you deserve to get away with it.

The question is, will his supporters cheer that sentiment when it’s applied to a law they theoretically actually care about (even if for racist reasons) instead of tax laws that most people don’t particularly respect? Will the cognitive dissonance be too much? I mean, I’m sure no amount of cognitive dissonance could bother some of them, but maybe it’ll change a few minds.


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