Life update

My throat hurts and I’m hoping it’s a heartburn thing because I just had a cold not that long ago and I’m really not looking forward to having another one.

Tumblr changed something and now the Tumblr mobile app is pretty significantly broken for me (I have an old-ish iPod Touch that can’t do iOS 7.) Trying to load the next page of the dashboard just reloads the page I’m on. Well, it’ll encourage me to get out of bed earlier in the morning instead of staying in “look at stuff on the iPod until my eyes will stay open” mode.

I’m re-reading A Wrinkle in Time and the rest of the “Time Quartet”, which I haven’t done since I was… young, I’m not sure, maybe 12 or 13? They’re simultaneously very familiar and weirdly different. Much more C. S. Lewis-y (by which I mean explicitly Christian instead of just vaguely religious/supernatural) than I remembered.

It’s possible for a book to be all High Fantasy-ish, Good vs Evil, without being so Christian, isn’t it? Or was I just oblivious when I was younger? Most/all of the fantasy I read nowadays is trying to subvert or avoid that idea, to the point that it no longer feels like a subversion, I’m just used to there not being straightforwardly separate Forces of Good/Evil.

I’m also working on a post about the ways in which Charles Wallace (one of the main characters) is arguably sort of “coded” as autistic? Like, he’s a Child Genius in a pretty trope-y way, but apart from things that fit into that, like having a high IQ and talking with adult vocabulary and grammar, he also canonically had a speech delay. He didn’t start talking until he was four years old. Anyway, it’s an interesting thing and I’m going to try to say something coherent about it.

Re-reading these books as an adult also raises the rather obvious point that… My mother said to me, when I was little, that she got me these books in particular because I have the same first name as the author. Realistically that should’ve been like #10 down the list of reasons, after about a dozen ways I am/was similar to the main character. I wonder how much of that she was thinking about.



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