If I had seen this at a time when I had more brain, I probably would have started an argument

I’m not going to get into this with this dude on Facebook but jeez.

“People said gross sexist things about Michelle Obama too” is not a justification for saying gross sexist things about Melania Trump.

You don’t have to care about Melania’s feelings. You don’t have to think she’s a good person, or consider what kind of treatment she “deserves” or what’s “fair”.

The issue is, when you judge one woman for having posed for nude photos, how does that judgment blow back against every other woman who has ever taken a sexy photo?

Do you want people to think that having taken nude photos is a shameful, gross, judge-able thing?

Do you want to implicitly support the sexism that says that women’s ~sexual purity~ is the most important thing about them, and that treats women doing anything sexual at all, and men being accused of sexual assault, as equally bad “sex scandals”?

Do you really want to do that, in the name of gross petty “but they started it!” revenge?


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