Life update

  • I’m attempting to plan a visit to my parents for Christmas. Planes are expensive and confusing.
  • Why do all the bank/credit union options around here suck? Either they suck in terms of services they offer, or they suck in terms of location, or both.
    • My current credit union (back in my home town) is part of a honestly pretty huge network, I can go to almost any credit union as if it were my own, but get this: In my current town there is literally only one location of one credit union, and it’s inside an employees-only building so I can’t go there! The nearest place I can go to deposit a goddamn check is approximately four subway stops plus a 20 minute bus ride away.
  • I’ve been working hard on captioning to make up for the time I was sick last month. Stuff is getting done but the anxiety feeling that I should be doing All The Things, All At Once isn’t helping. Overall I’ve done some pretty good adulting, though.

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