About Me

I once read someone describe how, since the first time she used the internet as a twelve-year-old, any time she mentioned online that she was a woman she got nasty sexist comments.  For some reason that hasn’t happened to me, but that might be because I don’t actually mention my gender that often.  So, dear readers, here is me officially mentioning my gender, and a bunch of other stuff about me.

I am a woman.  A cis woman, specifically– meaning, I’m not transgender.

I grew up and live in the midwest United States.

I am white.

I am bi and gray-ace, which is a broad term for someone who relates to asexuality to some degree but isn’t exactly asexual. More about that here.

I am somewhat kinky.

I am in a long-term, polyamorous relationship with Sparkly, who is agender.  Ey is also currently dating Numbers Guy.

I describe myself as a feminist even though that doesn’t really tell you anything about what I believe.

I have been fat enough that I spent most of my teenage years believing that I was too fat, but not actually being particularly big.  I was comfortable with my moderately chubby self, and then I got over-stressed, had a lot of trouble with heartburn and nausea, developed a phobia of vomiting, and lost a significant amount of weight. I’m not what you’d think of when you hear the words “eating disorder”, but you could say my eating is disordered since I have some anxiety about it, and have trouble keeping in touch with how hungry I am. My thoughts (mostly complaining) about that experience, and about fat acceptance in general, are here, and also here.

I am autistic, although I don’t have a formal diagnosis. Stuff about my brain can be found here and also here. If you’re wondering about how I realized I was autistic, or why I’m confident that I am despite not being professionally diagnosed, try here.

Last edited 7/18/2016.

4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Ah, another Midwestern-ner. Are you as apathetic about this whole area as myself?

    I also have heritage in Germany and England! Not sure about Sweden though. Sometimes the Germans just hang out so much with them it’s hard to tell.

    Thank you for the follow! You sound like an interesting woman. The world of being able to share thoughts anonymously is immensely cathartic I think :-)

    1. Thank you! I think it’s doing me a lot of good.
      I actually like this area a lot. I don’t handle heat very well, so I wouldn’t want to live too much further south. And I really love being able to get fresh sweet corn in the summer.

      1. True. I’m iffy about crazy hot temperature as well. For me though, it was hard to move here from Chicago as I feel like a lot of time there is nothing much going on. And crummy restaurants. Lol. Perhaps that’s just my experience though. There are a lot of good people I’ve met here though. That makes it all worth it :-)

        I am not a fan of corn, but my best friend loves it. When she lived in the states we went to a local Sweet Corn festival every summer. It was fun.

  2. Minty, your blog is currently included on our Actually Autistic Blogs List (anautismobserver.wordpress.com). Please click on the “How do you want your blog listed?” link at the top of that site to personalize your blog’s description.
    Thank you.
    Judy (An Autism Observer)

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