Today Sparkly went

to the first day of a class at eir synagogue. Ey came home very excited, with an armful of books, and an assignment to read and discuss with someone. Ey asked if I could be eir weekly-assigned-conversation partner and I’m very happy to do so. I see em occasionally post stuff about Judaism online, but clearly ey has done a lot more research into it than I’ve seen, even before starting this class, and I’m excited to learn more.

On a lighter note

Sparkly is in the living room right now reading facts about the DC metro system to someone over video chat and I love this and I love em.

Also apparently the DC metro includes the longest single “flight” of escalator in the western hemisphere, AND, it’s not the one in Rosslyn that everyone takes pictures of? There’s another longer one???

Today we went to the zoo

and caught many pokemon and also saw many cool animals. We went to the Amazon river exhibit which we hadn’t seen before, and

(1) Arapaimas are amazing

(2) They had birds in completely open areas, with nothing separating them from the people-areas, and the birds would come right up to you and stare at you and nibble your fingers if you let them, and then the zookeepers would scold you for letting the bird nibble your fingers. I can’t help but feel like this is an inefficient way to do things.

My apartment is so clean,

it’s so clean and also I got lots of work done today, and also I cooked a new thing!

I cleaned the gross grimy light switches and I cleaned the kitchen counters and the stovetop and the sink, and Sparkly emptied the dishwasher, rinsed plates, and loaded it again. Also I took about the trash and recycling, and swept/vacuumed the bathroom, entryway and kitchen (Sparkly vacuumed all the carpeted/rug’d areas a few days ago.)

So! Clean!

Tomorrow I’m going to take pictures of the Clean and probably post them on Facebook or something IDK.

Thank you Sparkly

Sparkly has been doing a lot more to help around the house since we moved, and I really really appreciate it. Ey has basically taken over dealing with the dishwasher and taking out the trash. And ey says ey wants to do more laundry, too.

My body really hates laundry because it involves a lot of turning around in circles and standing up/bending over repeatedly, and also temperature changes, so it tends to make me dizzy. I will GLADLY deal with the litterbox in exchange.

Also the freezer is very well stocked with frozen homemade food right now and it makes me so happy. I’ve got this garden vegetable lasagna and this soup and probably tomorrow or the next day I’ll make some more black bean quesadillas.

Today Sparkly and I met a goldendoodle (a poodle- golden retriever mix). Its fur was SO SOFT I was not expecting that.

Sparkly loves dogs, and for whatever reason, we’ve seen a lot of interesting ones here, so ey is always asking people if ey can pet their dogs. It’s really sweet.

I got so much done today! I cleaned a bunch of stuff in the kitchen AND made lunch and dinner AND washed/put away dishes AND took out trash AND got the mail AND went to the store. And I only feel mildly mushed now. I think I’m really recovering.